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Chew Valley Dairy

Widcombe Farm has recently acquired Chew Valley Dairy, where we can now process the milk from our Farm. Approximately a third of our Dairy Herds’ output comes through the milk production unit, providing local milk and cream to the surrounding area. We operate under strict hygiene controls, and ensure that the milk from our farm is delivered, processed and packaged for delivery, in the shortest time possible.

We operate a 6 day service that ensures all our customers, whether retail outlets, restaurants or caterers, have our fresh product delivered in the quantities they require when they need it. We are happy to adapt to trade fluctuations and will endeavor to help with any short notice variations in orders. In addition to our own milk and cream, we supply fine Devon Butter, Somerset Yoghurts, and Devon clotted cream, keeping all the best of the West!

We can offer single, double and whipping cream in various sizes, including large containers suitable for caterers and restaurants. Milk comes in standard household sizes, and also in pergal containers suitable for wholesale use. Chew Valley Dairy Milk is supplied in our own retail branded plastic bottles, which can be recycled.

Order contact details:
Tel: 078911 701317
Email: [email protected]