New Manor Farm Shop

The Farm

North Widcombe Farm comprises of a number of acres spread over four units and is part of an estate run by Colston Gay, his wife Celia and their two sons Thomas and Henry-James. The family have farmed the land now for about 500 years.

An area of outstanding natural beauty, the Farm lands are adjacent to the Chew Valley Lake, and have stupendous views of some of Somerset’s most stunning landscapes. There is evidence that many fields in this area date back to Medieval times, when enclosure took place, taking advantage of the rich and fertile lands that surround the River Chew.

The productive land is in part an accredited Organic Farm, and has been so since 1997, and four hundred Milking cows and followers are raised and managed on the land, with milk processed from our new state of the art milking parlour, straight to our processing unit at the Chew Valley Dairy.

We raise Hereford and Angus cattle for Beef which supplying our farm shop, along with Welsh Sheep, Llyens, with 400 lambs also for the farm shop, and a small herd of Pigs. The cattle are housed with good bedding and space when they are overwintered during bad weather, but spend most of their life out doors during the grazing season.

About 400 acres of land are in Arable use, with organic fresh cut grasses for silage ,Spring Barley, Turnips, Oats, Maize and Clover Leys for animal feeds.